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From: "HotBiMale (ZA)"
Subject: Gay-Strip-Club (Part 2)Send comments to: hotbimalehotmail.comI love a good strip show. If anyone knows where I can get videos / photos /
stories of strippers PLEASE LET ME KNOW. ThanksCopyright 2002 by the author. The author retains all rights to child legal porno
this story
and requests that you do not alter or post this story in any form without
his permission. The following is a work of fiction. The usual disclaimers
apply. The characters are purely fictional as are the events. This story
depicts acts of love and sex between consenting persons, youth with youth,
adult with adult and youth with adult . If stories of this nature offend
you or if you are under the age of 18 or it is illegal to read stories of
this nature, then please leave now.Im John, owner of a successful male strip childe modls
club. I'm 35, well build (like to
keep myself in shape). So, welcome to my world.... Part 2Sean arrived at my office for the fitting of his costume. I has a few
outfits I wanted him to try on, so I ordered him to strip down immediately.
I then instructed him to stand in the middle of the room with his hands
behind his head, giving me a perfect view of his muscular body. I felt his
bubble arse and his heavy cock and balls. I new a cock teaser like Sean
would make me a lot of money. I sat down next to a box of g-strings and
costumes. The first g-string I gave him, could not contain his cock and
balls at the same time. I watched him try 3d children nude and pack his basket with a bit of
amusement. The next one I gave him, fitted perfectly. It was a white one
which showed his tan off beautifully. I told him to remove it. I noticed he
was starting to get a hard on. I then took out a loin cloth. It only just
covered his cock, leaving his arse totally open.The loin cloth in the front
hung seductively low (his pubes were visible just above free child cunt it) It was a narrow
loin cloth giving a peek to anyone who wished to see.By this stage my raging hardon was straing in my pants. Sean turned to me
with a twinkle in his eye. Reaching down he porno child mpeg slowly started jerking his cock
off and asked, "What do I have to do to get an advance? Im a bit
desperate.".I stood up and stood in front of him. Looking him in the eye, I said, "So
what you waiting for, get busy". He started stripping me, like a kid
unwrapping a present. He took his time, playfully biting my nipples,
tickling my armpits with his tongue. He then followed a path from my chest
to children tits pic
my sweet pussy child cock with his tongue. My cock was ready and waiting, dripping with
pre-cum. He really new how to use his tongue. he moved further down and
spread my legs, giving this adonis all the access he needed. He took my
balls in his mouth. "Lick my arse" I commanded. I noticed him hesitate and
then he started. I pushed his head closer inbetween my cheeks. It was
heaven. He worked russian childs sex miracles with that tongue of his. I was almost ready to
cum.I ordered him to bend over my office table. 3d children nude I fucked him like I hadn't
fucked in a long time. My balls slapped against his muscluar legs as I
pounded away. Just as I was about to cum, I ordered him to turn and suck
me off again. I exploded in his mouth. I saw how he struggled to swallow,
with some of the cum running down his chin. Once my orgasm finished I
turned to him.. "How much? " I asked.I gave Sean a couple of costumes and told him to prepare for his
performance. I showed illegal nude child him the strippers change rooms and introduced him to
a few of them. He felt a bit embarased with his face still shinning with
my cum. The other strippers just gave a knowing smile.I went into the main strip hall, the dj crancked up the music and the other
strippers joined me. Seans started his act. He was dressed fucking childrens
as a cop. Sean
really knew how to strut his stuff on a stage and used the music to its
fullest. He just about ripped off his shirt, showing that muscular torso of
his.Then came his belt and shoes. He continued to tantalize the private
audience.. ripping off the pants revealing a tightly packed white
gstring. Next came the baby oil, which he slowly dripped on his body. He
seemed to be loving every minute of rubbing it into his body. children nue Where the
baby oil touched his gstring, the gstring became transparent. His beautiful
cock being more and more visible as his dance continued.He then started rubbing himself up and down the pole. His cock getting more
and more aroused ,his gsting struggling contain it. Seductively he played
with the gstring, eventually dropping it to the floor. His dance routine
continued, his big cock slapping from one leg to the other. He sat on the
dance floor legs wide open and started to wank himself off. His free hand
pinching his nipples and teasing his body. The view he gave us was
terrific. He finally came. Shooting cum in all directions. He obviously
enjoyed doing the show. He got up and children sex
walked towards us. "So what do you
think?" he asked with a cheecky russian boy child smile. Cum still dripping from his cock.
"You will do well" was about all I could manage to say before I licked his
cock clean, I just could not control myself.
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